WSC Delivers Two Simulators to Accenture

WSC recently delivered two generic simulators with integrated operation to Accenture Innovation Center, located in Arlington, VA. The two simulators consist of a Combined Cycle Generating Power Plant integrated with a Generic grid/T&D (transmission & distribution) simulator. Accenture designs and operates various "Cyber Ranges" throughout the world to showcase new technologies, architectures, and workflows as customers transform their Operational Technology lines of business. The simulators model real world utility environments with a focus on cyber security aspects, incorporating security controls and technology to aid customers in visualizing realistic reference architectures. The simulator system also incorporates a hard panel (shown to the right with synchronization controls and generator emergency trip buttons) and the cabinets housing Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) protection relays that provide substation breaker control typically seen in Accenture client's environments. The SEL protection relays communicate with the simulators via OPC protocol and can be injected with upset conditions, such as a simulated cyber security attack or breach. The simulators provide real-time visualization of the impact on the plant/grid behavior based on such events.