WSC delivers Full Scope Simulator Upgrade to Rivne Nuclear Power Plant

In March 2019, WSC completed the upgrade of Rivne Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 Full Scope Simulator in the Ukraine. WSC developed and replaced all primary, secondary, balance of plant, and auxiliary systems, including the electrical system models, using the 3KEYMASTER State-of-the-art environment and modeling tools. The Reactor Primary Systems Thermal-Hydraulic and Neutronics models were also upgraded using Idaho National Laboratory (INL) RELAP5-RT and NESTLE, and applied Sandia National Laboratory MELCOR for Severe Accident modeling.

The greatest challenge was integrating a new Distributed Control System (DCS) for the Reactor and Turbine Islands. The DCS for Unit 3 is designed, manufactured, and implemented by a Ukrainian supplier called RADIY. During the implementation of RADIY DCS on the Full Scope Simulator (FSS), WSC identified multiple discrepancies in Instrumentation and Control (I&C) and Operating Procedures. Working with the plant personnel and RADIY specialists, WSC stressed the necessity of validating the logic using FSS high-fidelity dynamic models, which uncovered issues that were corrected before installation.

The scope of the Hardware upgrade included replacing the aged fleet of computers, installing new audio, video and communication (telephone) systems, and upgrading the obsolete interface between the main servers and the panel Input/Output (I/O) system.

Unit 3 of Rivne Nuclear Power Plant FSS is currently in Pilot Operation and WSC looks forward to a long-term relationship with the Rivne plant based on their gradual modernization schedule of the unit.