SECI Midulla CCGT Operator Training Simulator Award

WSC was awarded a contract by Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SECI) in March 2019 to develop a full-scope, high-fidelity cycle operator training simulator for the Richard J. Midulla Generation Station (MGS) 2 on 1 combined cycle generating station.  This station is rated for 500MW and consists of two Siemens-Westinghouse Power Corporation W501F combustion turbine generators (CTs), two Vogt-NEM, Inc. heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), and one Siemens-Westinghouse steam turbine generator (ST).

WSC is developing the process models to simulate the operation of all major plant components, which are divided into subsystems and organized into system groups. The system groupings are CT, HRSG, HRSG common (HC), balance of plant (BOP), steam turbine (ST), and electrical generation/distribution. 
The simulator is being interfaced with a virtual Siemens SPPA-S3000 simulation DCS to communicate with the simulator models and to coordinate commands such as Run, Freeze, Reset, and  Snap between the Instructor Station, model server, and S3000 controllers.

Additionally, WSC will be providing our 3KEYMASTER Advanced Instructor Station and hard panel emulation of the non-DCS controls, including a CT/ST Trip Pushbutton Panel, HRSG Drum Level Indicator, and Unit MW Panel. WSC will also provide emulation for the Emergency Notification System, Thunderstorm Manager, and CEMS display.  Site Acceptance Testing is scheduled for early 2020.