KHNP Shin Kori 5&6 Full Scope Nuclear Simulator Award

WSC, with our partner GNP in S. Korea, was awarded the development of a new full scope simulator based on the APR1400 Korean nuclear power plant design. This new full scope simulator (FSS) will be based on the Shin Kori 5&6 modernized APR1400, which includes the replacement of the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) traditionally used on the APR1400 with Korean DCS technology. WSC will also provide the reactor models based on the Idaho National Laboratory 3KEYRELAP5, NESTLE, and a Severe Accident model based on the EPRI MAAP5 engineering code.

WSC's 3KEYSOFTWARE Suite of products is used on all APR1400 Simulators starting with the original Human Factors Engineering (HFE) APR1400 FSS, located at the KHNP CRI facility in Daejeon, S. Korea and developed in the early 2000s, followed by the Shin Kori 3&4 Full Scope Simulator (FSS), the Shin Hanul FSS, the Barakah FSSs in the UAE and S. Korea, and the Korean regulatory body "Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety" KINS APR1400 FSS and the KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School KINGS classroom/part task simulator.