JEA Brandy Branch Upgrade Award

WSC was awarded a contract by JEA to update their simulator to reflect plant and GE control system modifications targeted to be made in 2019. The Brandy Branch Generating Station will be upgrading to a new compressor and rotor that will bring more power with a better heat rate. Power generated will increase from 171 MW to 208 MW. The GE Mark VI controls will be replaced with Mark VIe controls and the HMIs are being upgraded to new Windows 10-based CIMPLICITY HMIs. Also, the station will be eliminating dual fuel capability and will operate only on gas.

The main objectives of the simulator update is to have it completed prior to the plant upgrades in 2019 to allow operators to become familiar with the new control logic and HMI screens, and to allow it to be used for Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE) of the new DCS upgrade.