Duke Energy Hines PB1, PB2, and PB3 Simulators Award

WSC was awarded a contract by Duke Energy to upgrade the Hines PB1 simulator with a full emulation of the Siemens T3000 DCS, and to develop two full scope combined cycle simulators for Hines PB2 and Hines PB3. For the Hines PB1 simulator, developed by WSC in 2013 (chiller model added in 2017), WSC will replace the virtual Siemens T3000 DCS with a fully emulated T3000 solution and provide model updates. WSC will provide a new Hines PB2-specific full scope simulator with current 3KEYMASTER technology, replacing the 2003 simulator. This simulator will also include full emulations of the PB2 T3000 and Ovation DCS systems. Hines PB3, which does not have a WSC simulator, is undergoing major DCS upgrade. Since PB3 is very similar to PB2, WSC will provide a full scope custom PB3-specific simulator, based on the PB2 models, and include fully emulated T3000 and Ovation DCS systems specific to PB3. Also, as part of the project, WSC is providing a complete hardware platform that can host each of the PB1, PB2 and PB3 simulators.