Energoatom of Ukraine Award

In August 2017, WSC was awarded a contract by Energoatom of Ukraine to upgrade the Full Scope Simulator (FSS) for Unit 3 of Rivne Nucluer Power Plant. Rivne NPP is located in Western Ukraine and operates two VVER-440 units and two VVER-1000 units with a total capacity of 2835 MW. Unit 3, a VVER-1000 unit, is undergoing major plant upgrades to extend its lifetime of operation.

WSC will re-host and replace all old FSS models, simulating reactor Primary Thermal-Hydraulic and Neutronics models using 3KEYRELAP5-RT and NESTLE codes. WSC will implement a new Distributed Control System (DCS) for Reactor Island, Turbine Island, and Safety Systems, and will implement a Severe Accident model. Hardware (HW) upgrades will replace the aged fleet of computers, install new audio and video systems, and upgrade the obsolete interface between main servers and the I/O system.