WSC 2018 Consortium

WSC is looking forward to our annual user's conference in the vibrant city of Greenville, SC November 12-16 at the Westin Poinsett Hotel. This year's Consortium Conference is co-hosted by Duke Energy. The Consortium's continuing goal is to maintain 3KEYMASTER as the state-of-the-art, online object-oriented, all-inclusive simulation package. By attending the conference, our customers have the opportunity to meet with our product development team and update their knowledge of new features or improvements in our technology; the collaborative environment also allows attendees to share experiences with other Consortium members.

Currently WSC is finalizing the schedule of workshops, discussions, and roundtable talks through our split session format that includes topics for both nuclear and fossil. A site visit is also planned to the W.S. Lee Station which has undergone modernization, including a new 750-megawatt combined-cycle natural gas plant. WSC worked with Duke Energy to enhance the Duke Lee LM6000 Simulator with 3KEYITS "Intelligent Tutoring System".
More information will be made available in the coming weeks. If you are not a consortium member, but would like to have the opportunity to take part, please contact Tommy Utmel at email or Oussama Ashy at email.