Duke Energy's Robinson Plant Awarded NEI TIP Award for Control Room Delivered by WSC

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the policy organization of the nuclear technologies industry, showcases innovation across the industry with Top Innovative Practice (TIP) awards to recipients who have made innovative ideas a reality for their plants.

In May 2018, Duke Energy Corporation's H. B. Robinson Nuclear Plant Simulator Group received an NEI TIP award for their "first in the nuclear industry" development and implementation of a full Control Room Glasstop Simulator (CRGTS) that utilizes WSC's 3KEYTOUCH platform to replicate the full set of panels of the Robinson Training Simulator, all built at a fraction of the Training Simulator's cost. Such innovation was necessary to provide a means to train the plant operators on the new Distributed Control System (DCS) and Digital Turbine Control System (TCS) prior to the systems being implemented in the plant and on the full-scope simulator. The CRGTS, delivered by WSC in February 2016, successfully incorporates all peripheral systems, such as the plant process computer, fire computer, metrological data, inadequate core cooling monitor, etc., that are present in the Training Simulator, replicated with soft panel graphics displayed on multi-touch monitors.