Duke Lee Enhances Training with WSC's 3KEYITS

The 3KEYITS "Intelligent Tutoring System" was developed over a decade under a contract for the Electric Power Research Institute EPRI. This software was used to add lessons to a training simulator environment with visual and sound audio instructions scripted to work in synchronous mode with a training simulator. 
Renewed interest in 3KEYITS in early 2018 has led to software updates that enable it's use on tablet computers and classroom or web-based simulator environments. WSC enhanced the Duke Lee LM6000 Simulator, which includes Virtual and Simulated Distributed Control Systems (DCS) with delivery of scripted lessons using this technology. Customers of this software have stated that 3KEYITS is a beneficial tutoring environment that can be used to enhance an instructor's lessons or allow for self-guided practice by students to refine or refresh their skills in plant operation.  The 3KEYITS lessons created for Duke Lee include a System Overview for Students and Instructors, a plant HMI Screen Overview, and a Turbine Start-up procedure. A Tablet PC was also provided to allow students to interact with the 3KEYITS software with minimal intrusion on their main job of operating the unit. WSC worked closely with Duke personnel allowing them to develop additional lessons as needed to support their training, such as Unit Shutdown and Black Start lessons.