WSC Delivers Full Scope Training Simulator for Oglethorpe Power Corporation


WSC delivered a full scope training simulator for Oglethorpe Power Corporation, Plant T. A. Smith Unit 1 in December 2017. Plant Smith Unit 1 is a combined cycle plant with a nominal combined output of 630MWe, utilizing two GE Frame 7FA combustion turbines, a GE steam turbine, York inlet-air chillers, and Aalborg-built HRSGs. The turbines are controlled by a Virtual GE Mark VI distributed control system (DCS), and the remainder of the plant is controlled by a Virtual Emerson Delta V DCS.


WSC is proud to have delivered over 40 custom built combined cycle simulators over a span of 18 years. The first two combined cycle simulators were built in 2000-2001 for the Electric Power Research Institute EPRI and were based on a GE and a Siemens-Westinghouse Gas Turbine designs.