Training Simulator Upgrade to NextEra Energy Plant Seabrook

WSC delivered a full scope nuclear training simulator upgrade to NextEra Energy Plant Seabrook in November 2016. The simulator was upgraded to the latest 3KEYMASTER environment and modeling tools for the majority of the plant systems. WSC developed and updated all primary, secondary, balance of plant, and auxiliary system models. Along with those updates, a new core model S3R was developed by Studsvik of America based on the SIMULATE-3K two-group nodal code for transient analysis; S3R enables integration of cycle-specific core modeling on a training simulator in an easy-to-use, easy-to-update manner. S3R has been fully integrated with 3KEYRELAP5 which is WSC adaptation of the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) RELAP5 thermal-hydraulic code.


The updated models were integrated with Seabrook's existing hard-panel replica  control panels. WSC also developed and delivered four glass-top units using our 3KEYTOUCH technology. The glass-top units feature fully-emulated versions of the control panels in a touchscreen environment. Each glass-top is integrated with the same high fidelity model as the full-scope simulator, and each glass-top simulator is capable of independent or integrated operation.


WSC, alongside NextEra and  Studsvik of America, delivered the simulator upgrade in only nine months, an extremely aggressive schedule for a major full-scope nuclear simulator upgrade.