ABB/WPS Weston ReACT Simulator

WSC delivered a Regenerative Activated Coke Technology (ReACT) emissions control simulator to Wisconsin Public Services Weston site in February 2016.  Weston Unit 3 is the first US commercial installation of ReACT technology.  The ReACT models work in conjunction with the Weston Unit 3 full-scope simulator that WSC delivered in 2015.


The ReACT simulator features hydraulic, chemical, and solids modeling to simulate the adsorption, regeneration, and by-product recovery phases of the ReACT process.  The models were interfaced with new logic and controls developed for Westons ABB Symphony DCS.  WSC, along with ABB and WPS, developed and delivered the simulator on an aggressive schedule to have it ready for training prior to plant commissioning.  


Both ABB and WPS found the simulator to be of great value in system validation and operator pre-training prior to the ReACT system going live on the unit.