Malakoff Prai Simulator Delivered


WSC has delivered a full-scope High fidelity simulator for the Prai Power Plant (PPP) to Malakoff Corporation Berhad, the leading IPP in Malaysia with an effective capacity of 6,346 MW comprising of 7 power plants that run on oil, coal and gas. PPP is a 1-on-1 single shaft combined cycle plant that generates 350 MWe. It is located just across from Penang Island on Malaysias Northwest coast. PPP is powered by a GE Frame 9FA Combustion Turbine fueled by natural gas and distillate, a GE D10 Steam Turbine, and a Doosan triple-pressure HRSG. Gas and Steam turbine controls are through GE Mark V DCS with Cimplicity HMI, while the main Foxboro IA DCS and FoxView HMI controls the BOP systems.  WSC developed the entirety of the full scope simulator, including all process models, electrical systems and emulated DCS and HMI. The simulator was accepted as ready for training (RFT) by Malakoff in December 2016. Through a growing partnership, this is the second simulator WSC has delivered to Malakoff, with the first being Tanjung Bin-4: a 1,000 MWe Ultra-supercritical fossil unit, delivered together with ALSTOM in July of 2015.