The 5th Edition of European Nuclear Power Plant Simulation Forum has taken place on October 5-7 in Lyon, France.

The 5th edition of European Nuclear Power Plant Simulation Forum brought together the worlds leaders in the simulation development for nuclear power plants and training personnel. WSC provided a presentation about Full Scope Generation III Generic Nuclear Simulators: Generation III simulators incorporating improvements in design have been developed after Fukushima event. WSC is under contract with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and has developed two full scope nuclear simulators based on a PWR and a VVER design which have been delivered successfully to Nigeria, Bangladesh and Vietnam. These simulators consider the passive nuclear safety systems to improve safety and reduce probability of severe accident and can be used for training as well as engineering analysis of the new designs. The presentation provided a brief introduction of the simulators capability including modeled systems, instructor station capabilities, network set-up and provided a brief overview of the current feedback of the users after deployment of these simulators in their respective countries.