TerraPower - WSC Delivers Additional GlassTops

TerraPowers 3KEYTOUCH GlassTop fleet increases to five Simulators and includes 3KEYCLASS Conductor software.

In March 2015, WSC delivered additional 3KEYTOUCH GlassTops to TerraPower for use with their Traveling Wave Reactor Prototype 3KEYMASTER simulator. The GlassTops are configured to allow use in "standalone mode or they can be used in group mode where two or more GlassTops HMIs are driven from a common load.  The Conductor application provides a remote user, through a wireless laptop or tablet, monitoring and control capabilities of the GlassTops, such as starting all GlassTops in standalone or group mode. The user can select one or more GlassTop to perform similar actions such as freezing, resetting, running, and also provides status information for each of the GlassTop Simulators operating conditions and critical parameters.