Delivery News: NRG - Keystone DCS Upgrade

WSC delivered a DCS upgrade for the Keystone Fossil Generating Station Simulator. WSC provided a full emulation of the new Honeywell Experion C300 DCS that was recently developed for the plant. WSC emulated the logic and control and HMI displays and integrated the emulated DCS with the Keystone 3KEYMASTER Simulator. To transfer the DCS from a TDC3000 to an Experion C300 system, WSC had to create/modify the control blocks, update I/O lists, generate a new DCS configuration and new HMI displays and update the DCS & HMI translators. WSC then integrated the emulated DCS with 3KEYMASTER models, which included connecting the new tags, stabilizing the ICs and testing the models response with the new emulated controls.