Delivery News: ENEC Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Simulator 1 Delivered

The Barakah APR1400 first simulator, FSS1, which is based on the Shin Kori 3&4 power plant in Korea, was delivered in February 2014. FSS2, which is based on Barakah specific data, is scheduled for SAT in March 2015.

WSC has worked closely with KHNP for many years in developing multiple versions of the APR1400 Simulator. The original APR1400 simulator, built by KHNP in South Korea using the 3KEYMASTER Simulation Platform, was used as an integrated Human Factor Engineering (HFE) test bed and a Validation & Verification (V&V) platform for the APR1400 Nuclear Power Plant Advanced Digitalized Control Room MMIS (Man Machine Interface System).