Three Rivers Community College Generic Pressurized Water Reactor Simulator

WSC installed our GPWR simulator at the Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) in November 2014.

The 1400 MW two-loop GPWR will serve as the CAPSTONE event for the Nuclear Engineering Technology degree program graduates. The simulator will allow students to be trained on the principles of nuclear plant operation, the basic concepts of power plant systems, and plant control through a modern DCS-based user interface.  The GPWR was provided on two 3KEYTOUCH GlassTop platforms and can be used as standalone simulators or joined together allowing group training using both GlassTops running from a common GPWR load. The system also includes an instructor station allowing the professor to remotely monitor and control the simulation. WSC also provided TRCC with a set of 3KEYITS Lesson Plans to allow the students to use the simulator without the aid of an instructor.