JEA Brandy Branch Full Scope Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Simulator

WSC was awarded a contract by JEA for the development and delivery of a full scope combined cycle training simulator for their Brandy Branch Generating Station in Jacksonville, Florida. The 2x1 CCGT includes GE Frame 7FA combustion turbines and Nooter/Erikson HRSG that supplies a GE D11 steam turbine-generator to produce 533MWe. The plant is fully controlled by a GE Mark VI DCS. The 3KEYMASTER high fidelity process models will be interfaced to Virtual Mark VI controllers that will replicate the logic and control on the actual station, and the CIMPLICITY HMI will duplicate the actual screens used by the operators. In addition to the full set of process models, WSC is providing a full complement of hardware including the simulation host, instructor station, DCS clients, network, printer and furniture to outfit the simulator room.