WSC Delivers Dominion Surry and Dominion North Anna GlassTops

WSC is pleased to announce the delivery of six 3KEYTOUCH units to Dominion Surry and Dominion North Anna Power Stations. The units represent the first deliveries of a 3KEYMASTER HMI GlassTop architecture bolted onto a native non-3KEYMASTER simulation platform.

 Complete sets of new panel graphics within 3KEYMASTER were created for both projects. The projects include the 3KEYTOUCH unique pan, zoom and resize navigation of panel sections coupled with equipment operation at any zoom level. Numerous GlassTop firsts including Picture-in-Picture CERPI, Plant Process Computer and ICCM views were provided with the units. Please contact WSC for more information regarding our approach to connect 3KEYMASTER to a non-3KEYMASTER simulation platform.


North Anna Power Station

Surry Power Station